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Credit Analyst

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Required Skills:

Job Description

This highly successful company specializes in financing entrepreneurs – they believe small and medium sized businesses are the key to a successful future for South Africa.

Are you an ordinary Credit Analyst robotically following input/output credit model…
OR do you want to be an extraordinary analyst who is intellectually engaged & challenged
on every level …?
 Get to know every entrepreneur and their business – mandatory face time with
 Active participant in every Credit Committee session (3 sessions a week)
 Expand your general business & industry knowledge exponentially
 You get to directly make a difference to entrepreneurial businesses and build our
South African economy

As a Credit Analyst, you will analyze financial statements of multiple SMEs in South Africa
across various industry sectors with the aim of providing balanced feedback to the Credit

The role will involve:

 Preparing credit papers for review
 Using inhouse and external rating agency credit rating tools and other economic
indicators to supplement analysis
 Preparing detailed evaluation reports and prepare a balanced view credit paper to the
Credit Committee
 Oversee and evaluate these lending/investment decisions
 Conduct on-site evaluation missions
 Promote and reinforce the role of Spartan as the financier to SMEs, constantly
improving relationships with entrepreneurs and potential partners

Required Qualifications
 Degree in Commerce, with majors in finance/accounting

Desired Skills and Experience
 Preferably 3 years’ relevant work experience in business financing or business
banking or SME credit analysis in either a bank, an investment company or an audit
 Exposure to SMEs
 Ability to take initiative, learn quickly and strive for results
 Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
 Strong team player and motivator
 Analytical mind, organized, attention to details
 Project management skills

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