4 Key Workplace Trends to Expect in 2020

Today’s workplace is in a place of constant and exciting change. For one, it’s expected that over 36% of the global workforce will consist of people born after the 1960’s, which means that the workplace – and work place trends – of tomorrow will shaped by the collision of different generations.

If that isn’t enough, we’ve got the unprecedented advancement of technology. Artificial Intelligence alone is shaping the working places around the world in unexpected ways, while the increasing amount of tech savvy Gen Z professionals will virtually dictate companies’ need to adapt to evolving work habits.
So how can you stay ahead of the curve? Here are 4 key work trends you should expect for 2020, so that you’re prepared for the workplace of the future:

1. Partnerships Between Humans and Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize and automate our lives and the way we work, which is pretty much well-known news. However, one of the biggest trends over the past year – and one we can expect even more next year – has seen companies foster the relationship between humans and machines.

Instead of focusing on what jobs robots can take over from us, companies are looking into ways the two forces can work as one, which allows professionals to conduct their work more efficiently and productively. This would help accelerate the speed at which simple tasks can be completed and allow companies to streamline them, so that employees can focus on more complex projects.

2. The Increasing Importance of Employee Experience
Employee experience is a relatively new mechanism for defining the way companies should interact with their employees and is increasingly important for the success of a company – both in terms of retention and deliverables.

In the past, people used to be satisfied with having a stable job with relatively good pay. Now, flexibility in the workplace is one of the most important factors people look into when looking into companies, along with salary and job security. By integrating a people-centric culture and positive values, companies can expect to better recruit and retain the best talents in the job market.

3. Team Development
Many organisations have begun to prioritise the importance of efficient teamwork. In 2020, the importance of team development will be even more prominent. Companies are looking to train employees to collaborate effectively with team members and learn to contribute to projects based on a group perspective, rather than a ‘me first’ mentality.

Team development will be important as it will allow complementary strengths to work alongside each other and help balance out an employee’s weakness with another’s strength. This will help organizations to be more effective and productive in innovating and adapting to ever-evolving business landscapes.

4. The Priceless Value of Mentorship
The future of the workplace isn’t just about evolving technology. Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of preserving and enhancing the ‘human factor’. Research shows that 91% of millennials put rapid career progression as one of their top priorities.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Millennial Survey, 68% of employees who intend to stay with their company for more than 5 years are twice as likely to have a mentor. There’s no doubt that many top organisations in the world have anticipated such workplace trends and are placing more value on high quality mentorship programmes.

This article was originally published on www.prospectsasean.com September 2019

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